Here is a GREAT opportunity for you to win a Gunner breeding! McQuay Stables has partnered with Homes Helping Americans, LLC and Rein In Cancer in a “penny auction” where one lucky winner will receive one Gunner stud fee.

HERE’S HOW IT WORKS: Potential buyers will need to purchase a seat to the event, at $50 per seat, in order to be included in the auction. YOU WILL HAVE TO PURCHASE A SEAT BEFORE YOU ARE ABLE TO BID.  Once you have purchased the seat to participate in the auction, just sit back and wait till all 500 seats are sold. REMEMBER…there are a limited number of seats; therefore do NOT wait…the seats will be sold quickly. Once all seats are sold, you will receive an email announcing that the auction will start in 48 hours. Simply log in at the time of the auction and begin your bidding!

You may purchase bids at once you are logged in. Special pricing for bids will be 500 bids for the low price of $40! You may purchase as many bids as you wish. Once the auction has begun, the selling price will increase by a mere penny each time someone bids. The best way to increase your odds of winning is to click “bid” manually, while participating in the live auction online. There is an auto-bid option called “BidButler”also available. If you are the lucky person who wins this auction, you may have only spent $50 for the seat, $40 for bids and win the Stud package for 1,000 or so dollars – a Great Buy!

*You are bidding for one Gunner stud fee, valued at $6,500. All additional fees not included: Domestic Shipping $300, International Shipping $500, Farm Pick Up $80, Mare Care (Stall $20 per day, Pasture $20 per day), Foaling Fee $300.*

That is correct…a thousand or so dollars might be enough to win a Gunner breeding. Every time you bid, the cost of the Stud package will increase ONLY by 1 cent (a penny).  You will have a great opportunity to win the package for PENNIES on the dollar.

Step-By-Step Instructions: 1. Go to 2. Login or create a new account if you do not already have one 3. Purchase your seat to the auction 4. Purchase bids for the auction 5. Wait for all 500 seats to be sold…check your email! ONCE ALL 500 SEATS ARE SOLD, YOU WILL RECEIVE AN EMAIL STATING THE AUCTION WILL BEGIN IN 48 HRS. 6. Log back in at the time of auction and start bidding to win your Gunner breeding!

Click here to learn more about this penny auction, and to purchase a seat!

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